Zeus Slot Machine Strategy

The Zeus series is a pay line slot machine brand that has become one of the most popular casino games in history. Zeus is fast-moving, great looking and easy to learn. Currently, the game is on its third iteration, Zeus 3, but the original installment continues to be popular in casinos as well. Zeus 2 has not held up as well as its cousins – perhaps because its 25 pay lines were actually a step down from the original Zeus game.

Here we will take a look at the differences between Zeus slots and Zeus slot machine strategy that will keep you winning no matter where you run across this incredible game. Continue reading Zeus Slot Machine Strategy

Stop The Reels! Finding The Best Slot Machines To Play

When playing slots, most people tend to simply hit the respin button over and over again. Aside from being extremely boring, it’s also not a great way to actually win at slots! In our previous article “How To Win At Penny Slots” we discussed how stopping the reels by touching the screen can help you hit the jackpot. Today we want to dig a bit deeper into that strategy and learn if it’s possible to see a desired symbol at the top of the screen, and stop the reels quickly enough to get the win. We’ll also make our recommendations on what are the ideal slot machines to attempt this strategy. Continue reading Stop The Reels! Finding The Best Slot Machines To Play

Learn how to win at penny slots!

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