How To Pick A Winning Slot Machine

Gone are the days (hopefully) of stalking out slot machines in the hope of jumping on a winner once some other player has left. This old strategy may have worked with old analog slot machines (but who knows? I was certainly too young to try!) but the new digital software based machines have changed the game completely, but don’t take it from me, take it from Slim Charles

Thanks Slim, Now onto our tips on how to pick a winning slot machine!

1. Choices, Choices, Choices

Picking a winning slot machine is heavily dependent on your ability to switch between machines quickly and often. It is for this reason that we recommend playing at non-peak hours. While it’s fun to be in a casino on a busy Saturday night, it can be hard to switch machines as they are often all in use. I’ve had the most success when playing on other slower nights of the week, or during the day.

2. 3 Strikes and You’re Out

When sitting down at a new slot machine, if you haven’t won anything (even just 5-10 credits) after your first 3 or so spins, get off of that machine! A machine that’s close to paying out will at least give you some small wins right off the bat. While it may be possible this machine just needs one more spin, your time and money is better served trying a new machine.

3. Avoid Branded Machines

What are branded machines? These are the ones that are licensed to use celebrities, movies, or TV shows in the game. For example a Britney Spears slot machine. While these machines tend to have great graphics and are fun to play, I’ve yet to win or see anyone win a huge jackpot on them. Furthermore, the minimum bet is usually quite high on these machines.wheel of fortune slot machine The one notable exception to this rule, are the highly popular Wheel of Fortune slots games. Usually these games will have spinning bonus wheels where you can win multiple spins and win a nice amount of credits. As always this is just a general rule, do you have other branded machines that you truly love? Let us know in the comments below.

4. You’ve found a potential winner, now what?
At this point, you’ve found a machine that is non-branded, and is paying out something almost every spin. It may even be teasing you by giving you two out of the needed three symbols for a bonus round game. Now is the time to bust out your slot machine secrets, and all of the techniques on how to win at penny slots!

5. Set A Limit, Stay Within It
While you are playing a machine and using our slot machine strategies, be sure to set a limit and if you haven’t won a significant amount, start the search for a new machine all over. Usually $5-$7 is a good amount to play on a a machine (assuming a $0.30-$0.50 a spin) before moving on. It can get frustrating not finding a winner, and there may be days where you don’t find one at all, but being diligent and spending $20 between 5-8 different machines will have a better chance to yield positive results than sticking with a single machine that isn’t paying out.

Do you have any tips on how to pick a winning slot machine? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to play some of our free slots online!

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