Stop The Reels! Finding The Best Slot Machines To Play

When playing slots, most people tend to simply hit the respin button over and over again. Aside from being extremely boring, it’s also not a great way to actually win at slots! In our previous article “How To Win At Penny Slots” we discussed how stopping the reels by touching the screen can help you hit the jackpot. Today we want to dig a bit deeper into that strategy and learn if it’s possible to see a desired symbol at the top of the screen, and stop the reels quickly enough to get the win. We’ll also make our recommendations on what are the ideal slot machines to attempt this strategy.

slots spinning

1. A Little Late, A Little Slow
The first step will be to identify what type of machines we want to play. The factors we will be looking for include:

  • Machines who’s reels stop instantly to the touch (no delay)
  • Machines who’s reels spin slowly enough to actually see the symbols

2. Finding The Right Game
quick hit platinumQuick Hit Platinum
This popular series of slot machines feature wilds, free games bonuses, a progressive jackpot, and a platinum jackpot. Typically when you stop the reels by swiping the screen or hitting the respin button they stop instantly which is great for our test. Unfortunately, the reels spin so fast that there is no possible way to see one coming and stop it before it leaves the screen.

Wheel of Fortune Slots – Triple Extreme Spin
This is a very fun slot machine game currently in casinos and online. There are a few different types of wheel bonuses, and winning lines pay left to right or right to left. In terms of spin speed, the reels do not spin as fast as the quick hit platinum game, which is great for our test. The results? While the spin speed was good and the delay when stopping the reels minimal, the tiered nature of the reels makes this not an effective strategy. What are tiered reels? This is when the first or last reel(s) have fewer playable symbols than the middle reels. Essentially, it describes slot machine games that are not even all the way across. See the image below.
wheel of fortune slots
Because not all columns are not equal, our strategy is not ideal for this type of game. However, this particular game has a great feature where once you hit two of the scatter bonus symbols, all remaining reels will spin extremely slowly, giving you the opportunity to stop them in time to hit the scatter bonus. Once you hit the first to scatters, be sure to get your hand up to the screen and be ready to stop the reels! Want to try for free?

Wolf Run Slots
wolf run slotsWolf Run is a very popular slot machine game that features a free game bonus and a stacked wilds feature. This game has been around for years, and as such, can appear in older or newer slot machines. When trying our strategy on older machines I did not have much luck. The reels spinned at a slower rate, but there was a large delay when I attempted to stop the reels. When I tried on a newer machine however, the delay was much shorter, and I was able to somewhat see the reels coming and stop them in time. A few things to consider here, first, is that Wolf Run is a stacked wilds game. It is common that once you see the beginning of a stacked wild on column 2 or 3, that there will also be wilds following on columns 4 and 5. Second, is that sometimes when the wilds do stack, they are taller than the available spaces on the screen (4). Therefor, when you see the beginning of a stacked wild, and swipe the screen to stop the reels immediately, the wild you originally saw will disappear, but there’s a higher probability that you will stop on the rest of the stacked wild, with potentially stopping multiple columns of stacked wilds leading to a huge win.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice
The more you do this, the more natural it feels, but other than playing slots, this boils down to increasing your reaction time. You may remember the ruler test back in school, where a student would hold a long ruler above your hands and instruct you to catch it when it was dropped. You would then measure the distance that the ruler fell before you caught it, that is your reaction time. There are ways to practice and improve your reaction time, you can search for them later, and while they are out of the scope of this article, they may be fun to do, and help with this strategy! Getting used to the slot games and how the symbols fall on the screen is also very important.

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