zeus slot machine strategy

Zeus Slot Machine Strategy

The Zeus series is a pay line slot machine brand that has become one of the most popular casino games in history. Zeus is fast-moving, great looking and easy to learn. Currently, the game is on its third iteration, Zeus 3, but the original installment continues to be popular in casinos as well. Zeus 2 has not held up as well as its cousins – perhaps because its 25 pay lines were actually a step down from the original Zeus game.

Here we will take a look at the differences between Zeus slots and Zeus slot machine strategy that will keep you winning no matter where you run across this incredible game.

Zeus 1

The original Zeus features five reels and 30 play lines. Zeus gained popularity in casinos because of its fun visuals based on Greek mythology and the multiple winning combinations to enjoy. Do not let the visuals distract you, however. Here are the some of the strategies that you need to win.

First of all, pay special attention to the Wild Symbol, the Lighting Symbol, and, of course, the Zeus Symbol. Zeus is the highest paying symbol, while Lighting triggers the bonus. Using the Wild Symbol allows you a greater variety of matches, because the game automatically substitutes the most profitable value for you.

The secret to winning Zeus is to use the “free games” feature. The free spin bonus occurs when you have three Lighting Symbols on any active play line. The more Lighting Symbols you have, the more free games you win. This is why many people tend to increase active lines when Lighting symbols are on the screen. During your free spins, your original coins are locked in, giving you the ability to multiply your winnings during your bonus rounds. You can also obtain even more Free Spins during your free spin rounds by obtaining three or more Lighting symbols in your active lines!

Another effective Zeus slot machine strategy is to employ the Auto Play option once you have hit a groove. Auto Play allows you to set your preferences and let the software win your payouts automatically.

Zeus 2

If you run into this version of the game in your travels, pay special attention to the shield symbol, the Athenian woman and the Parthenon symbol. These are the symbols that draw the largest wins for you outside of special bonuses. In this version of the game, the soldier represents the wild card. If you see soldiers lined up on screen, you may want to increase your active pay lines to optimize your chances of a big win.

Also, the Zeus icon is an incredibly important symbol. You do not have to actually line up Zeus icons in order to trigger a reward, and the reward is the all-important free spin. Just as in the original Zeus game, the free spins are where you really make your money.

Zeus 3

The third version of Zeus is perhaps the most popular because of its multiple ways of winning. There are actually two wildcards in Zeus 3 – Zeus himself and the Coliseum icon. Pay special attention to these two wild cards so that you can maximize your chances of getting into the bonus free spin game. Just like the original Zeus, free spins are a bonus that can be retrieved anytime, even when you are in Free Spin bonus mode.

If you have three scatters on Zeus 3, you win an astounding 10 free spins. However, this is just the beginning of the fun here. 4 scatters nets you 25 free spins along with 10 times your total bet. Five scatters allows you the maximum of 50 free spins and a 50X bet. While you are in Free Spin mode, you can earn five additional free spins if you have at least three scatters on-screen.

Your scatters during the Free Spin mode will not appear on the sixth reel, so do not look for it there while you are in Free Spin bonus land. However, the reels will flip in a different way during this mode that will actually increase your chances of winning. Take note of this change (the reels will flip from left to right and vice versa) during Free Spin mode so that you can follow the movement of the game.

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